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  • What America's onetime freakout over leprosy teaches us about how to fight Ebola
  • The website for the Hansen’s disease museum    
  • A link to The Star, the international patient published magazine from Carville, La  (search collection name  "The Star")
  • Website of Jose Ramirez, a former patient and current Hansen’s disease activist
  • Leprosy past and present: Rice graduate students visit the US’s former Leprosari
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  • What Remains: Carville Leprosarium (AOL Production)
  • Support for People with Hansen's Disease/Leprosy 

Should I Fear Catching Hansen’s Disease?

The simple answer is “No.”  Although scientists are unclear about the causes of Hansen’s disease, they do know that 90-95% of the population has a natural immunity to it.  Even among those who are not immune, the chances of contracting the condition are small.  A susceptible person would have to have direct exposure to the live bacillus which then could take many years to develop into active HD. 
My Reflections on Writing 

The process of planning, conceiving, and writing my book Out of the Shadow of Leprosy: the Carville Letters and Stories of the Landry Family was challenging and rewarding.  The experience of seeing it published and marketed has been exhilarating.  The book is and was the story of my family, especially my grandfather, but in its completion it became mine.

I searched for my grandfather all of my life, but only found the material and tools to unearth his story in my mid-life.  In reading the letters that my grandfather wrote from Carville to his family, I discovered a man of determination, discipline, love, and generosity.  In writing the book I discovered myself. In marketing the book I discovered a wider Carville community filled with stories ... click here to read more     

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Some resources that add to information about leprosy and Carville are:

Carville: Remembering Leprosy in America   
by Marcia Gaudet

Squint : My Journey with Leprosy  
by Jose Ramirez,jr.

In the Sanctuary of Outcasts
by Neil White

A Disease Apart: Leprosy in the Modern World  by Tony Gould

Colonizing Leprosy: Imperialism and the Politics of Public Health in the United States by Michelle Theresa Moran

The following books and DVDS are available through the Carville library:
(Send requests to the National Hansen's Disease Museum, 1770 Physicians Park Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70816   tele:  225-642-1950)

Alone No Longer: by Stanley Stein 

Carville...100 Years:  Julia Elwood, editor

Love Me Somebodyby D.J. LeBeaux

Exiles in Our Own Country 

Simply Known to the Rest of the World as Carville

Triumph at Carville: A Tale of Leprosy in America 

About the cover picture: My grandfather, Edmond Landry, my grandmother, Claire Landry, and my mother, Leonide “Teenie” Landry (Manes) are pictured at their New Iberia home in the summer of 1919 before leprosy had entered their lives.

Poetry Tells  Carville Stories

In scientific tomes, scholarly studies, compelling letters and memoirs, and touching fiction many authors have reflected on the reality of living with leprosy.  In her chapbook  Carville: Amid Moss and Resurrection Fern,  Gina Ferrara employs a poetic lens to tell patients’ stories that stretch from Molokai to Carville and span distances from Orion’s belt to Mississippi mud.

Fellow writers Darrell Bourque, Martha Serpas and Peter Cooley have commended and recommended her work.  Darrell Bourque,  Louisiana Poet Laureate 2007-2008 and 2009-2011, recognizes these as stories of “real people with real lives who have been removed from the main currents of lives as others are able to experience them.”  He calls the book “a sensitive documentation of exile and the human truths that exile cannot extinguish: love, compassion, suffering, hope.” Martha Serpas, Professor of English, Creative Writing, University of Houston, sees the work as “Historical, yes, but also fresh lyrical measures of the most profound paradoxes of broken body and resurrected spirit.”  Finally Peter Cooley, Senior Mellon Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Tulane University, recommends the book as “cathartic for its readers” and suggests  that   the reader “Read it straight through for its power of redemption.”

Carville: Amid Moss and Resurrection Fern  by Gina Ferrara is available from and from the publisher at